Keep Calm & Take Compliments

I’ve realized – actually, I’ve known this about myself for a while, but bear with me – that I’m incredibly awkward and not the best at taking compliments. It’s not a self deprecating thing! But compliments slash attention, for me, result in sweating and saying stupid things.


Here’s an example…

The other day at work this guy in my office said my eyes matched my dress perfectly. Now, I happened to be wearing a lovely blue and white dress, so of course this was a compliment.

But do you know what I said?

“Is that a good thing?”

I repeat,  “IS THAT A GOOD THING?”

Are you kidding me, Zee? 


And, yes, I started sweating, too.

7 thoughts on “Keep Calm & Take Compliments

  1. Ha ha! An Irish guy I once met told me that my eyes were the same colour as his tractor – I was like ‘what, green with muddy patches?’ I didn’t take it as a compliment ;)

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